Canyon Swimming

The first waterfall




  • Swimsuit
  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable shoes

PRICE:  R750 / person all inclusive

Canyon swimming at Drupkelders is a full experience for those that enjoy a physical challenge.

You will be transported from your place of accommodation to the edge of the forest.  From this point we walk for 30 minutes through pristine indigenous forest, approximately 3.5 km to the kloof. 

A well deserved lunch break and rest before the return leg through the kloof

Once at the waters’ edge you will get an idea of the beauty of the kloof.  The water is a very dark cola colour because of the tannins and humic acids in the roots and leaves of the vegetation.  It is fresh water with no settlement upstream so it is perfectly safe to drink if the need arises.  From this point we will put wetsuits and life jackets on and store our dry clothes for our return to this point.  During summer we often kloof without wetsuits but this is a personal option. 

Our lunch, refreshments, first aid kit and waterproof camera are transported in waterproof bags with us as we make our way upstream towards the first waterfall.  We clamber over the rocks and get back into the water from where we will swim 150 m through the Drupkelders, a magnificent still and quiet area where the cliff faces are so close on either side of you, you can almost touch both sides simultaneously.

The swim through the narrow gorge at Drupkelders

The sound of dripping water from a great height above breaks the silence and gives the kloof its name. Drupkelders.

We carry on in this way for 2.3 km upstream past three beautiful waterfalls, swimming, boulder hopping and climbing all the way until we stop for a lunch break.  Hereafter we do the return trip downstream past the waterfalls and through the Drupkelders until we eventually reach our starting point. 

We dry off, put our dry clothes on again and do the trek back up through the forest to the parked vehicle. 

All photographs taken by me on the trip will be emailed to the relevant party.

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