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Resting on the rocks at Kranshoek beach




  • Comfortable clothes
  • Sunhat and sunscreen
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Camera

PRICE:  R500 / person all inclusive

You will be picked up at your place of accommodation and transported to the starting point of the walk at Kranshoek, approximately 20 minutes away from Knysna.

From the first viewpoint you will notice the v-shaped valley below you dense with vegetation. We will make our way along the top edge through the indigenous forest, passing over two narrow streams. We skirt alongside a pine plantation for approximately 50m where the combination of the fynbos and pine plantation make for an interesting aroma. The path turns down towards the valley and a gentle descent ensues. Here the foliage is different on the slope due to the run off, the trees are more gnarled and there is little if any ground cover.

The view from the ascending path at Kranshoek

There are breathtaking view points along the way down to the valley floor where we criss-cross over a gently bubbling river making our way finally to the coast. The scene that meets you here never fails to get a response of awe. There is no sand whatsoever only large stones that are perfectly smoothed off due to constant wave action. We will stop here for a short rest and enjoy our refreshments, take lots of photographs and then finally make our way along to the path where we will ascend to the second viewpoint.

This is a fairly steep ascent and is done at a leisurely pace in order to still enjoy the scenery and the view that unfolds from this pathway.

Once at the top we make our way back to the starting point along a footpath flanked by beautiful fynbos, you will then be transported back to Knysna to enjoy the remainder of your day.

Transport, conservation permits and refreshments are provided

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